The Citadel


The Citadel is the last known bastion of civilization. Populace numbers around ten-thousand. All Citizens are expected to do there duty. This involves ten years minimum military service either in the guard or the Patrol. Patrol is the more dangerous of the two and often has to recruit out of the guard for replacements.

After mandatory service you are on the militia for life and expected to support the standing forces with labor and skill. Also after your ten years you are expected to marry and have as many children as you are able. Every child birthed is a lessening of the daily duties for your family as you are doing you duty in one of the most important fashions.

Death rate for The Patrol is near seventy percent. And they [survivors] are given preference in gear and leave. Leave is granted every second month for ten days. Soldiers are encouraged to meet ladies and take them to bed.

Birth control is illegal in citadel and anyone found using it is penalized heavily and often shunned for such selfishness. In fact many young ladies will seek out members of The Patrol in the hopes of bearing children for motherhood is the one way to avoid military service and guarantee a pension for the formative years raising there offspring.

The immediate area around the citadel is barren. The Commander/Council ensures that any brush or growth is put to the flame before it can near the walls. The perimeter is maintained at two-hundred feet giving ample space to see the frequent attackers as they advance. Zombie raids happen every few days in small numbers and occasionally in larger ones.

The Patrol members are charged with finding usable salvage and sources for consumables such as cloth and wood. The former is often found in ruins preserved by aging spells that managed to survive the spellstorm. And the latter in unprotected forests. Though these are few and often mysteriously vanish [many forests were awakened by the spellstorm and actually relocate when they are assaulted.]

They also search for metals and usable armor and weapons. Again these are often found in ruins within the patrolled territory of the Citadel.

After three-hundred years the close areas have been fairly thoroughly searched and picked clean. So in these days The Patrol often travels days before finding anything.

One of the only safe ways to travel is with bright torches and lights. As nearly all uncontrolled undead will not approach bright light with out some other force coercing them to do so. [This is cause for many theories that the frequent attacks on the lit walls of the Citadel proves that some as yet undiscovered force is behind the attacks]

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The Citadel

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